How would you personalize your perfume?

Creating your own fragrance is one of the exclusive tasks that need diligent knowledge of the fragrances to create a perfect ‘duo’ or a ‘trio’. The unique combination of fragrances churning-out from different scents will be your signature perfume but choosing it rightly makes the whole difference. Today you can find different kinds of essential oils in the market and you can easily mix them with some aromatic materials to make your own perfume.


Tips to choose the personalized perfumes:


Fragrance can be split into three parts such as  Base, Middle and Top which need to be blend together in a particular sequence to achieve the desired results. Picking up the right notes at each level is imperative. Here are the few tips that can help you in designing your personalized scents perfectly:


  • To bring some eastern influence in your scents, you can choose some spicy notes like juniper berry oil or iris resinoid or may be bergamot oil. Others notes like tea or incense oil can also work perfectly to achieve the basic fragrances. Basically most of the perfumes use some essential oils and you can choose any essential oil to add the aroma.
  • To pick up an appropriate middle layer, choosing osmanthus absolute, mineral notes or Sambac absolute is surely a great idea. The white flower notes are the perfect way to settle your middle layer notes in an elite way. Frangipani and Jasmine are the two more options that can settle your middle layer in a great way. You can easily use these fragrances for your normal day and even you can also add few more fragrances to get a mixed effect.
  • Sandalwood and must are the perfect notes to settle your base layer. You can pick up mineral sandalwood with leather suede to get the desired results. Pink peppercorn, ambroxan, sandalwood oil and vetiver are the best choices as best base layers.


Some of the exceptional tailored fragrances by blending the different notes:


Floral fresh


With the base notes as sandalwood, you can pick the top note as Bergamot and mid-layer as Jasmine. A warm Jasmine green tea note is perfectly blended with creamy misky trail which assures long-lasting fragrance. The ratio of top, middle and base notes is 4:2:2 should be mixed in a crystal perfume bottle to churn this appealing scent. Even if you have short budget then you can also use the glass perfume bottle to preserve your perfume.


Balmy Floral


To add a warm touch to your floral essence above, replace your base fragrance with a sandalwood scents. While the top notes and middle-layer remains the same as Bergamot and Jasmine as a touch of citrus, the erotic sandal wood successfully delivers the warm sand effects. This fragrance works miraculously as a white flower full-body fragrance. The ratio between top, middle and base note should be 1:5:2 to be mixed in a perfume atomiser.


Wood Spicy

 This strong contrast between warm sandalwood and spicy Bergamot is truly a heart winning deal. The reminiscent spices of black tea get perfectly amalgamated with woody citrus to produce this exceptional formula. The proportions of spicy to wood should be made in the ratio of 3:5 and you must store then in a crystal perfume bottle.


Creamy Wood


Add a twist of floral to the deep sandalwood notes that promises a long-lasting scent to its wearer. The deep fragrance of wood is when mixed with the mild Jasmine. The proportion of sandalwood to Jasmine should be 7:1 to keep the notes of woods on higher level to be stored appropriately in a perfume atomizer.


Deep Floral


The sun-kissed facets of Jasmine are amalgamated with the spicy notes of musky and sandalwood to create this amusing fragrance that not just promises a long-lasting effect but also renders a differential flavor to its wearer. The strong and deep woody notes are appropriate to deliver the warmth to your body and you can use this perfume during winters to keep your body fresh.


Apart from that, for  shinny summers, a soothing fragrance accustomed with a layer of Jasmine is the great way to beat the heat. Mixing it with a note like a Bergamot will add a spark making it a summer-ready fragrance.


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